Support Programs with a Restorative Justice Philosophy

Community Peace Circles

RJE is available to facilitate peaceful dialogue to help promote mutual understanding and peaceful alternatives to violent responses among community members who are in conflict.   Community peace circles work to bring all involved parties toward resolution through respectful and effective communication. 

District 65 Elementary School Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles at many elementary schools in Evanston are being run once a week with several classes to give children the tools for better communication. 

Evanston Police Department - Family Group Conferencing  

"The Restorative Justice Evanston’s philosophy and practices have been extremely successful in helping youth to be accountable for their offenses in a meaningful way and reducing their recidivism levels significantly."
Richard Eddington
Chief of Police

The Family Group Conferencing Circle  (the Evanston Police Department's restorative justice program) 
works with youth offenders who have committed minor criminal offenses and consists of the victim and offender, their friends and family, facilitators, and RJE-trained community members.  Together, the circle discusses the crime and promotes accountability, reparation, and healing for the entire community.  The goal of the program is to divert youth from the judiciary process while helping them right the wrong that they caused. Peacemaking circles are used in this process. The initiative aims to reduce the possibility of recidivism and to provide opportunities for competency development.

After a thorough discussion of the impact of the offense on those present, the victim is asked to identify desired outcomes from the conference and thus helps to shape the obligations placed on the youth offender. The session ends with participants signing an agreement detailing their expectations and commitments.

The Evanston Police Department Restorative Justice Program* encourages outcomes that promote responsibility, accountability, reparation, and healing for the entire community. The program is run by Patrice Quehl and Arica Barton at Youth Services at EPD. 

*To participate in EPD projects, you must live or work in Evanston/Skokie School Districts 65 or 202.