Welcome to Restorative Justice Evanston 

Break the cycle... Join a circle.

            "In its positive form, nonviolence means the largest love, the greatest charity."                                    Mahatma Gandhi

Restorative Justice is a Philosophy of justice that recognizes the purposes of misbehavior, addresses the needs of those who carried the harm,
and works to heal everyone involved.

Mission Statement 
RJE is a volunteer advocacy group which promotes and supports restorative justice activities in the community. By promoting understanding of the impact and responsibility of actions and providing a safe place for difficult conversations between community members, RJE supports respectful and nonviolent solutions which build strength, unity, and respect throughout Evanston.

Background    In 2007, a youth conflict over a girl threatened to escalate into neighborhood violence. Restorative justice practitioners gathered parents in circles to talk through the problem. This seemingly intractable conflict quickly ended. The experience inspired citizens to learn more and to institutionalize this practice of meeting in circles by collaborating with the police department and schools. Today, RJE is a volunteer advocacy community group working to make Evanston a community where neighbors address crimes and conflicts with respect and responsibility.